It does feel good to go back to where it all started.

They say you should never return to your ex after you left them. I’m not convinced about it. You see, there’s no guarantee that your new partner is better than the old one. Some people did break up, but only to find out that they reconciled and got married. My point here is it’s okay to look back at your ex and be with them again.

Apologies for such a cheesy introduction, but what I’m about to say is a significant turning point. After five years of being away from WordPress, OTAKU PETROLHEADS LIFE is back home! You may not believe this, but the first year of OTAKU PETROLHEADS LIFE was started in WordPress. That first year was 2015. Yes, it existed while I was still studying the Diploma in English Communication course at Kolej Profesional MARA Indera Mahkota. Okay, it starts to sound like T.M.I right there.

So why did I make it in the first place? If you read the “About Us” page, you’ll notice that it began with me as a casual Blogger user. One thing I didn’t mention in it was that I started it after I dropped out from my first tertiary education study. Long story short, Mechanical Engineering wasn’t my forte. This is where I mingled with the idea of doing online writing during my one-year sabbatical.

So why did I leave WordPress? To put it simply, job hunting. After I graduated from my second tertiary education study, I spent pretty much all the time looking for jobs to suit my new level of education. However, not having a stable income does put some strain on my WordPress journey, so I decided to leave it for Blogger. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s something that I have to do. It’d be a while before I bring my pride and joy back to where it all started.

I guess that’s all I can say for now. Now that I’m back to my old home, all that’s needed is for me to keep rekindling my motivation for my legacy. Yes, life hasn’t been much different when I’m on Blogger, but at least I now know which direction OTAKU PETROLHEADS LIFE is heading. I still cannot believe it has been eight years since the first journey. As for my Blogger site, I decided not to delete it. I’m just leaving it as it is, mainly for archival purposes.

Anyway, thanks for staying with me. I hope that you’re in good health and have a nice day.

Yours truly,

Written by Farhan Tajuddin

I'm just a Malaysian cosplayer, petrolhead, tech geek, and casual blogger/photographer/videographer that also happens to be a big fan of Japan and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).