Looking forward to the New Year of 2024

With 2023 finally closing its curtain, it’s time to look forward to the new door of 2024 and think about future to-do wishlists.

It’s always mind-blowing to think that a year has gone by unnoticed. We are so consumed with our work life that we seldom take a break to see and reflect on our personal lives. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a break from finding the perfect self and go for a healing relaxation. You also want to spend your free time with your loved ones, and it could be your partner or your family. It’s often said that inspiration and resolutions come from free time.

Speaking of resolutions, some would look back at their wish list from the beginning of the year. Do you even have a New Year’s resolution in the first place? Some people don’t bother about it in the first place because it won’t make much difference to their lives. It’s just an everyday tedious process of waking up for work and going back home, and that’s about it. But as I said earlier, you can take a break from the mundane weekday work life to find your true self.

As for me, well, let me be honest with one thing. I didn’t get excited for 2023’s New Year resolution, to begin with. All I care about for 2023 is to continue my Japanese language learning. Of course, there are ups and downs in self-motivation. However, I need to find a way to restart building my life. With almost nobody to help me, I have to do it from year zero. It’ll be a tough, bumpy, and painful ride, but I’m hoping for a new self and a better life.

“But what about 2024 for OTAKU PETROLHEADS LIFE?” I hear you ask. Now that I’m officially back to WordPress after one year of trying to fix the website, I’m trying to do more practice on written reviews and journal articles. I’m also considering building an online magazine as a monthly newsletter release. I might have signed up for Buy Me a Coffee in September 2020, but it remains dusty today.

The beginning of the new year could help me bring some fresh inspiration or new ideas and indirectly prove that it’s possible to build an empire from personal passion and interest. I tried doing the same thing with Blogger in 2013, but it ended up being a rude awakening for me. It has been ten years since then, with my second attempt at tertiary education in 2014, which I successfully graduated in 2018, and a lack of stable jobs keeps dampening the fuel. But there’s one thing I’ve kept saying to myself for years and years: Not giving the whole thing up.

Deep down, I know I can do it. I know that I need to have true confidence in it. I don’t have to achieve superstar status. As long as I can keep happy delivering my passion and interest to everyone, that’s more than enough. Remember, there are people out there who don’t like being a hugely popular personality.

Thank you for reading my final rambling of 2023. Of course, I have had other ramblings before, but I mostly keep it to myself. I want to express it all because it’s always said that a new year means new surprises. And who knows what kind of surprise we’ll see in 2024.

Final words from me: Have a glorious Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. The first two posts for Week 1 of 2024 will be about my favourite smartphone of 2023 and the fourth edition of Monthly Tech Bulletin. In the meantime, do keep an eye on my social media profiles through Linktree.

Written by Farhan Tajuddin

I'm just a Malaysian cosplayer, petrolhead, tech geek, and casual blogger/photographer/videographer that also happens to be a big fan of Japan and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).